Archaeology for the Masses

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Elise's HOUSE drinking game

One shot each...symptoms

1. Bleeding from the waist down
2. Bleeding from the neck up
3. halucinating
4. seizures
5. falling down/losing motor control
6. rashes

Two shots each...scenarios

1.The doctors treat for the wrong disease and the treatment makes the actual problem worse
2. HOUSE causes pain to the patient on purpose to get the truth
3. someone lies/doesn't tell the whole truth
4. someone takes a swing at HOUSE (1 more shot if he falls down as a result)
5. Cutty threatens HOUSE

Three shots each...near impossibility

1. Someone actually dies

Many of the one shot symptoms will happen every episode. Most of the two shot scenarios will happen every episode. It is extremly rare that anyone will die. In fact no one will ever die unless their death helps HOUSE cure another patient.

damn you dave atell

now i want pizza

things i hate

1. Anyone in charge of construction/lane closures in Penn, NJ or NY
2. Trucks that get into accidents and need HAZMAT vans to come help them, causing lane closures
3. The Penna Turnpike
4. How there's only one cigarette lighter in my car so i can only adapt one thing at a time
5. when my cell is dead but my laptop is plugged into the cigarette lighter
6. not waking up in ohio tomorrow
7. the fact that i did 7.5 papers and still need to do 1.5
8. the fact that i have lines to learn before saturday's show
9. whatever died in our heating system
10. the fact that something died in our heating system
11. the fact that there is a good chance that I am involved in the openning scenes of a horror movie but i am too tired and sick and upset and lonely in pain to fully appriciate that my roommate and i will be horribly mutilated in the near future and our carcasses will be added to those rotting in the basement, causing our appartment to smell like corpses