Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, March 13, 2006

except for bunnies

come July I will be taking sailing lessons,
and officially ending my training as a WASP

tonight I'm watching a polygamy documentary and studying Medieval Art
tomorrow is a midterm and then disney junk

i wish i could hear out of my left ear

these documentaries on polygamy are interesting when compaired to "Girls Next Door"
very interesting

ah ha ha ha ha

it seems i'm taking beginning swimming
maybe i'll get all lean with my early morning art
mid-day museum run in the city and evening swimming

mission failed

the mall was too hot and crowded
and the girl behind me was abusing an obviously scared and uncomfortable dog by carrying it in a bag it was way to big for through a crowded store that was about 10 degrees too hot for a dog
and the sock selection was sub par
sub sub par even
and I'm not sure these hoop earrings say "pirate" so much as "poser slut"
and after the whole ordeal that was aquiring my bribes, I didn't want to do any studying to deserve them because 1. I spent too much energy getting them that I was out of study energy. 2. The hassle of getting them was enough work to deserve them.

I should sleep
I registered for summer
you can take up to 7 credits
I need 6.5
the only .5 classes are for PE majors only
so for summer II I will have to take some 3 credit junk
and then I get the hell out of here and back to the superior in every way midwest