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Monday, February 27, 2006

news of the morning

nicole ritchie has a Kevin Bacon number of infinity.

nicole ritchie cannot be linked to Kevin Bacon using only feature films.

About 12% of all actors cannot be linked to the rest of the movie universe, either because they have appeared only in TV features or straight-to-video releases that the Oracle doesn't count, or because they have not appeared in any features with actors from the Hollywood mainstream.

although Paris has a degree of 2, so obviously nicole has a degree of 3

funniest thing i've read all night

whenever I get to thinking that most people aren't illiterate morons with no research skills or knowledge of anything that happened more than 4 years ago or 25 miles away from their own little universes, all I have to do is read the imdb message boards

so i'm going to do this like an award show/highlight reel

best thread of the night writen by 100 autistic, blind, non-english speaking monkies on 100 braille typewriters with no vowels goes to "Live Action Futurama Dream Cast List"
accepting for this thread are

by - wishkah7 (Thu Nov 24 2005 15:41:23 )
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Live-action or not, I'm still satisfied that the movie is coming. If it was live-action, who do you think could play who? Here's how I pictured it:

Fry: Seth Green
Leela: Jennifer Garner
Bender: CGI animated voiced by Vince Vaughn
Amy: Ziyi Zhang
Hermes: Bernie Mac
LaBarabra: Halle Berry
Zoidberg: CGI animated voiced by Dustin Hoffman
Prof. Farsnworth: John Lithgow
Zapp: Rob Schnider
Kiff: Jake Gyllenhaal
Linda: Michelle Pfiffer
Morbo: CGI animated voiced by Robert Di Nero


by - Banky_Bruce 4 days ago (Thu Feb 23 2006 00:21:54 )
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Well, if you're casting Zapp with an older guy like shatner, I say John O'Hurley.

And Farnsworth should be David Kelly.

And Bender should be Terry Bradshaw

And Amy should be Sung Hi Lee

And Hermes should be Bill Cosby

And Zoidberg should be Paul Giamatti

And Kiff should be DJ Qualls

And Fry should be Ewan McGreggor

And Leela should be Lauren Graham


by - ckat13 (Tue Dec 20 2005 07:29:30 )
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UPDATED Tue Dec 20 2005 07:30:42

Fry: Seth Green(That goes without saying)
Leela: Jennifer Garner
Bender: CGI animated voiced by JOHN DIMAGGIO (no one else u loony!)
Amy: Lucy Liu (her or wishkah7's pick)
Hermes: Doug E. Doug (who now?)
LaBarabra: Halle Berry
Zoidberg: CGI animated voiced by BILLY WEST (duh!)
Prof. Farsnworth: Henry Winkler (lol)
Zapp: Rob Schnider
Kiff: Jake Gyllenhaal (no, but someone who is kind and timid, or kinda timid.)
Linda: Michelle Pfiffer
Morbo: CGI animated voiced by MAURICE LAMARCHE (crazy loon if you want anyone else)

Don't be a jerk, especially not to aliens, because they just might disintegrate you.-danjfrank


by - JasonJiants (Wed Feb 1 2006 17:26:49 )
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Fry: Seth Green
Leela: I would say Katey Segal but she is too old so I dont know who then but NOT Jennifer Garner
Bender: of course John Dimaggio
Amy:Katie Leung (Cho Chang from Harry Potter)
Hermes:Doug E. Doug
LaBarabra: not important shes not a main character
Zoidberg: Billy West
Prof. Farnsworth: Don Knotts
Zapp:Will Ferrell
Kiff:CGI so Maurice Lamarche
Linda: I dont Know some no name
Morbo:Maurice Lamarche

and then of course there is this monstrasity

and this ends our award show because i have to go cry over the state of our nation's youth

adamendum from a completely different post

Re: Movie plot ideas
by - barrytown83 10 hours ago (Sun Feb 26 2006 17:34:10 )
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nobody likes zoidberg.
deal with it

4 Darias Tonight

Your horror movie death is extra tragic, because the people around you just assumed you went crazy. The truth is, you bought a weird-looking antique book at a used bookstore downtown, and when you read the first few lines aloud in a fake scary voice, you accidentally called forth an evil spirit. The ancient demon possessed your body and controlled your every move, but it never quite grasped the basics of modern technology. After a messy incident involving the escalator at the mall, the demon decided human bodies were just too fragile. It abandoned your now lifeless self, and moved into a Gossip Girls novel.

18% of the people who tooks this quiz got the same evaluation.

late night hi-larity

totally unfixed quiz results which make me laugh

lucky you guys

1. I'm giving up carjacking for lent this year
You're supposed to give up something you really love and want
I wonder if anyone ever gives up God
Maybe I can get Dr. J to give up church

2. I just realized there is something inheirantly lesbian about Daria
Now I'm not comfortable staying up late to watch it by myself in my freezing cold room

3. Seems I already gave up warmth for lent
Seeing as how I am laying in my bed with 2 pairs of pants, a long sleeve shirt, my baja, socks and a hat on and I am ice
I don't want a space heater, I can't afford one, I have no room for them, I have no money for one and I pay for half the heating of this appartment
but something must be done
I may get some of those vent covers for other rooms

4. I may be giving up sleeping for lent
although eating would also be psychotic
yes, eating

5. GRAH!!!!!!!