Archaeology for the Masses

Sunday, February 26, 2006

silly Patricia Cornwall

we shouldn't romanticize Jack the Ripper because he was all brutal
"Just look what he did to Mary Kelly! That's one of the worst crime scenes I've ever seen."
There are at least three things wrong with the above statement.
he was neither an anti-woman mason, nor an anti-women homosexual
he was a painter
Prince Eddy was so riddled with syph that he could barely leave his bed and his doctor was his doctor in name only as he was extremly old and arthritic

I don't know why I care. It's not like anyone important takes her seriously anyway. I just wonder when people are going to get over their victorian biases and figure out who actually did it. (It's right there if you are willing to accept it)

things i hate

1. Reruns
2. Not being able to read because I have to stay awake or else I won't sleep at night
3. having to ask visitors to leave when they'd like to stay