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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A&E saved my life today

TV sucked all day....until!
A&E inside poligamy
here are some of the gems

thatbrunettegirl: this guy is a jerk
thatbrunettegirl: and the chicks are robots
midwat: well, what would you expect?
thatbrunettegirl: the one said she feels sorry for the men
thatbrunettegirl: because they have to "dispense justice"
thatbrunettegirl: "obediance in the bed rock"
thatbrunettegirl: sick
thatbrunettegirl: ha
midwat: i see
thatbrunettegirl: "it takes a much more intelligent and strong willed woman to be obediant to her husband"
thatbrunettegirl: "what if you had a sister that you loved and she didn't have a husband? wouldn't you want her to have a husband?"
midwat: that's kinda sick
thatbrunettegirl: well yeah
thatbrunettegirl: but you're thinking about the insest
thatbrunettegirl: i'm thinking because the women think that they are nothing without husbands and kids
midwat: well, yeah
midwat: i'll stick with feeling sickened by the incest
midwat: it's, quite frankly, too much wrong to take in one sitting
thatbrunettegirl: the one chick left her first husband and 11 kids to be this dirty "prophet's" second wife
thatbrunettegirl: she was "called by god"
thatbrunettegirl: oh now they're talking to the kids
midwat: fun
thatbrunettegirl: 7 year old boy wants to have 3 wives so he'll have lots of children
thatbrunettegirl: and they've segued into sexual abuse