Archaeology for the Masses

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

god finds a way

my movie fest is not going to suck!

we're showing "The Last Crusade"
the catholics are showing "The Devil's Advocate"
the gospel ensamble is showing (yawn) "the Gospel"
and the evangelicals are showing "Bruce Almighty"

Man, I'm a Dumb

I have jelly beans in my bed, Nacho cheese on my keyboard, cherry coke all over my pillow and chocolate on my leg warmers. I also that my rug is saturated with pop tart crumbs

i live like a fat girl

Elise-1 President's Day-0

Although it was harder than earlier anticipated to get Tortillia Chips, Nacho Cheese, Jalapenos, Starburst Jelly Beans and a liter of Sprite at 1am on President's Day
I defeated it!

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, remember a couple of things

1. Taco Bell offers Jalapenos on the side for 20c
2. Walgreens puts up their Easter Candy Display right after the 14th
3. When a Focus has about 1/8 tank, you have more than enough to drive to every store that you feel should be 24hours
4. If you time it right, Daria will be on when you get home