Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, February 18, 2006

fiscal mismanagement

Often members of my family get worried about my 13 year old cousin. Recently she's been "getting into trouble" which basically means wearing too much eye make-up and getting caught with a full, unopened pack of cigarettes. But how bad can the kid be if she corrects me for taking the lord's name in vein?

thatbrunettegirl: oh my god
T: okay
thatbrunettegirl: i just checked my checking account
T: first of all its gosh
thatbrunettegirl: i have $2.75 in my bank
thatbrunettegirl: ha
thatbrunettegirl: that's actually good
thatbrunettegirl: because i thought i took out too much last night
T: congradulations
thatbrunettegirl: so the fact that something is there is good
thatbrunettegirl: but $2.75
thatbrunettegirl: too funny

PSv Seal is awsome