Archaeology for the Masses

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

man,so full of chocolate or I <3 HUHC

thatbrunettegirl: NEVER lie to house
Auto response from midwat: Join me in the fight against literacy!

thatbrunettegirl: because he will find the most painful way to get the truth out of you
thatbrunettegirl: and he is getting some
thatbrunettegirl: with a whore
midwat: indian whore
midwat returned at 10:01:33 PM.
thatbrunettegirl: neato
midwat: gotta include that detail
thatbrunettegirl: sorry
thatbrunettegirl: i've been looking at arab sims for hours now, trying to find jesus clothes so i'm kinda blind to that
thatbrunettegirl: like how when i watch too many britcoms, i can't hear british accents anymore
midwat: ha
thatbrunettegirl: it's actually a bit of a problem
thatbrunettegirl: sweet
thatbrunettegirl: dracula 3000
midwat: oh
thatbrunettegirl: sequal to dracual 2000
thatbrunettegirl: one of the worst vampire films ever
midwat: brian watching olympics
thatbrunettegirl: worse than john carpenter's vampires 1, 2 and los meuros
midwat: possibly worse than worst vampire movie ever
thatbrunettegirl: only this time
thatbrunettegirl: it's 3000
thatbrunettegirl: so it's in space!
thatbrunettegirl: god i hope there's space nakeness
midwat: would be nice
thatbrunettegirl: if jason X has taught me anything it's that people on science ships get it on all the time
thatbrunettegirl: sometimes with robots
midwat: lucky astronauts
thatbrunettegirl: oh no
thatbrunettegirl: it's all gay sex
thatbrunettegirl: women arent allowed on science ships silly
thatbrunettegirl: dude, this one isn't about...oh my god
thatbrunettegirl: vampire planet
midwat: sweet
thatbrunettegirl: translvania planet
thatbrunettegirl: carpathia sector
midwat: hilarious
thatbrunettegirl: and it's count olack, like nosferatu
thatbrunettegirl: and coolio is in this
thatbrunettegirl: oh my god this is the greatest ever
midwat: always makes for good movie
thatbrunettegirl: but i haven't the patience and The Secret Lives of Women is doing trannies, so I'll have to catch this on DVD from the library during spring break