Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, February 06, 2006

either state only facts or else admit your predispositions

I turned of the local news for opening with the phrase "domestic spying" a horribly negative, biased and inaccurate phrase coined on the senate floor by some liberal speachwriter. I turn to the Daily Show where Jon Stewart, who has annoyed me in the past, is doing the same story only funny. Except that Stewart never once says "domestic spying" or even just "spying" he says "international wiretaps" and "wartime intelligence" and then plays clips of Carl Rove, the VP and the press guy defending the policy.

Why is Jon Stewart the least biased newsman on TV? He's not perfect by any means and almost impossible to watch just before and after elections, but he's better than CNN, MSNBC and local news everywhere. He's more professional because he uses the correct terms instead of the approved phrase. The only other people to do that are the openly conservative talk-radio hosts and the obviously conservative Fox News people.

I hate TV news and TV news broadcastors. If we can learn anything from terrorists, it's how to deal with them.