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Monday, December 12, 2005

damn you nick at night

I had a dream last night that Harry Anderson as Harry Stone from Night Court and John Laroquette as Dan Fielding from Night Court were fighting for my affections.
And I really liked it.

Crushes due to TVLand, so far...

1. John Astin as Gomez Addams (rich, humble, a devoted husband and father, and a little screwed off kilter)
2. Michael Landon as Philip Ingalls on Little House on the Prarie. (This is really a revival, I used to love him on Highway to Heaven, when I was little)
3. Harry Anderson as Harry T. Stone (he's really sweet and a magician, he dresses 40s era and listens to 40s music)

john astin plays harry stone's father on night court, despite his advance age, and the fact that he plays a crazy guy, i still love him so

oh my god

are all my paper's done?
i think they are!
my papers are done!

the really big news is that i seem to be keeping food down
that's not something I could have said 12 hours ago
even 6 hours ago
I will sleep early tonight and tomorrow should be a breeze

Il Divo? To Opera/Pop I say NO! oh, and they're multi-ethnic!

Kelly Ripa is an idiot. She thought that the NBA dress code was about what they wear on the court. When Charles Barkley looks at you like you're a moron, you have a problem.

on a personal note, I feel really sick and I hope that when I wake up I feel less inclined to throw-up