Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, December 08, 2005

a break from the 32 pages i have to write to post this and JD up my cherry coke

KariIsShort: Donkey Lips from Salute your Shorts...
KariIsShort: did you ever catch that show?
KariIsShort: Donkey Lips from salute your shorts totally has a myspace.
KariIsShort: and I felt that I should share that with people of our generation that might appreciate it.
thatbrunettegirl: i didn't, but i'll pass on the word
KariIsShort: ;-)
KariIsShort: people can listen to his RAP MUSIC here...
thatbrunettegirl: so does "the carver" from nip/tuck
KariIsShort: it's the funniest thing in my WHOLE life.
KariIsShort: really?
KariIsShort: that's awesome!