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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Drawn Together = Grease 2 referance (yes Grease 2)
and yes, it's sad that I recognized it, but I always said that Grease 2 is equally as bad as Grease.

"soci-italy" good one Montel, try "socially"

1. I reread The Vampire Lestat a few months ago. Louis really, really screwed up by trying to get help from the Theatre des Vampires. Really.

2. The New Voyages. The eps are in like 100 pieces, take forever to download and there appears to be only one up so far. I did get to watch 3 minutes of an ep though. Why did Captain Pike call his first officer "number one?" That's a Picard nickname, not standard practice. Also giving Uhura a first name my be PC (lord knows she deserves one)but isn't your place, don't presume. You've already presumed a lot.

3. Time for that nap I keep not taking. From 7:30-9:00 is so long, but from 9:30-2am is a quick jump