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Sunday, December 04, 2005

a personal obsession

so I'm watching "Girls Next Door" my favorite E! show right now
the girls have a 9pm curfew "the girls live by Hef's rules, which include a strict curfew to be home by sundown, unless he's with them" so that they do not make hef look bad by partying without him
they're part of his image which is part of his empire which leads me to believe that they are all under contract
what this whole thing means is that the girls can only go on day trips because they can't stay in a hotel anywhere without hef.
Even when they went to visit the one girl's family they have to be home before nine.
for as twisted as this is (and I am way way past how twisted this is)my new question is...
what is the punishment for being late? does he dump them?
im2fat2bninja: maybe the don't get their nightly spankin
whenever they go anywhere alone they have to fly coach on a commercial airline because "we don't have the expense account that hef has" ??????
he can't charter them a plane? at least they get to take limos and stay (for the day) in nice hotel suites

while on the one hand he seems to actually care about her about his women, pretending to be sad when they are sick, and pretending to be sad when they are sad
on the other hand he invites the to move into the house the day he meets them (proving that they don't need to actual be able to read or speak or have interests to date him, so long as they are hot and like sex) and then doesn't let them leave until he's done with them (he used to have 7 and now he has 3, the pairing down had to be nasty)
yeah, i think i hate him now

new episode tonight
this time they go to vegas WITH hef (so they can actually unpack)

wow THS investigates, two errors in 10 minutes

"her fourth surgery with her fourth doctor"
except that they already said that she had the first two surgeries with the same doctor

"the surgery was both complicated and difficult" well that's a bit redundant

i really should be writing
maybe i'll take a nap

it would be really awsome

if i could go more than an hour or two without some part of my body erupting in spontanious pain

if i could start/finish that paper

if i had something fun to do tonight and the time to do it

if someone would come clean my room