Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, November 28, 2005

i feel sick

the plummer didn't show today
i found my pitcher laying on the floor broken, that sucks too
i skipped class to gear up for an interview that was then cancelled
if i can get up i'll get some fruit
i'll also try to find those missing trashbags
but i probably won't get up
the kitchen sounds loud and the smell of food makes me sick to my stomach
and las vegas is on
and that's kinda all i've been looking forward to all day
i may have some wine later too

wasted monday

I didn't go to class so I would be all sharp for my gallery interview in the city but then I got a call that the lady needed to change it to Wednseday.
Now I'm trying to write one of my 5 papers but have the worst case of writers block ever.
Also turns out that Becca Mead died up in Athens in a skateboarding accident. She's become a bit of a hero on skate websites. Shame, it was just a freak accident. I sat next to her a lot in middle school because of the whole last name thing.
I might go to campus for food eventually but I might not.

scary peter jackson

you're confussed because we just watched the video

my shirt says i'm in the Beer Club!!!!
it's like way more awsome than i thought and totally worth it

goodmorning USA!


I will totally sleep with the next man to bring me a cheeseburger
but then I don't want a cheeseburger

I lie a lot
like a lot, lot

damn you dave chappel

Child Stars!!!!!

I missed girls next door, but I'll see it later this week.

It's been ten years!!!

when did back to the future come out?