Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, November 17, 2005

people are too god damn old

everyone is so stuck on their freaking time-lines
everyone is so old
I miss Milo a lot tonight
Milo who won't even call me until the night of to do something
Milo who doesn't let work get in the way of life
that's enviable
nights are a lot longer than people think
I don't mean we should be partying all the time
that's just a boring as staying in because it's after 12
but we should be driving to new and exciting places after midnight on school days
and if we are tired tomorrow we will caffine up and keep going
because your body will recover because you're in your fucking early twenties and if you can't abuse your body now, then when can you do it?

being young isn't any fun when there is no one else to be young with you