Archaeology for the Masses

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I need to get on a plane, soon
I need to go through the whole airport thing
I need to fly up into something unknowable
luckily this great desire will be satisfied in about a month
but now it is not just in my mind, but in my soul
I need to travel

I really wish there was a vodka show...

thatbrunettegirl: bruce willis is on right now
midwat: yeah
midwat: weird
thatbrunettegirl: i love him
midwat: is great
thatbrunettegirl: he can marry me
midwat: that'd be weird too
thatbrunettegirl: and we'll out summer/fall demi and kutch
midwat: uh-huh
thatbrunettegirl: they think kutch gets along with their kids? hell, we can share the same clothes!
midwat: not getting any less weird
thatbrunettegirl: if i marry bruno
thatbrunettegirl: not only will i get film work...
thatbrunettegirl: but we can live off his money, you an i
thatbrunettegirl: as you will be my personal assistant
midwat: i see
thatbrunettegirl: come on
thatbrunettegirl: wouldn't that be sweet
thatbrunettegirl: living off bruce willis?
midwat: all right, guess you have my blessing....