Archaeology for the Masses

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Its a really nice day and I am drying to drive to the Hamptons, et al. But I cannot seem to find a navigator.
So instead I will make some money by hanging up some posters and junk.

And now some advice: How to talk to a thirteen year old

I have no idea how to talk to a thirteen year old, but she sent me a link to her blog
I am so going to screw up this cousin like I wrecked the other three only this will be worse because they were all catholic and innocent and I was 18 when they were 13. Now I'm 22 and dealing with a heathen!
The only cousin with a chance and surving my mentorship is Logan 5 who is only 1 and I have already adapted his name into a cult sci-fi referance. My god have mercy on the poor kid.
Dammit Taylor, why do you have to look and talk and act like a 16 year old when you are only 13? I would feel a lot better corrupting a 16 year old.
I'm going to hell and it's all because of the children

although i'll never have the time

I should read Dune

so sweet

i posted a lovely little picture of a naked woman on my boyfriend's facebook page
well not actually a naked women
it's a drawing done in characters like
.,. .,;;;;;,
;;;;;;;,, ,;;%%%%%;;
`;;;%%%%;;,. ,;;%%;;%%%;;
..,,,. .:::::::.
.;;;;;;;;;;,. s.
`;;;;;;;;;;;;;, ,SSSs.
`:.:.:.:.:.:.:. ,SSSSSSs.
.;;;;;;;;;;;;;::, ,SSSSSSSSS,
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::%, ,SS%;SSSSSSsS
;;;;;;,:,:::::::;::::%%, SS%;SSSSSSsSS
;;;;;,::a@@@@@@a::%%%%%%%,. ... SS%;SSSSSSSS'
`::::::@@@@@@@@@@@a;%%%%%%%%%' #; `SS%;SSSSS'
.,sSSSSs;%%,::@@@@@@;;' #`@@a;%%%%%' ,' `S%;SS'
sSSSSSSSSSs;%%%,:@@@@a;; .@@@a;%%sSSSS' .%%%;SS,
`SSSSSSSSSSSs;%%%,:@@@a;;;;@@@;%%sSSSS' ..,,%%%;SSSSSSs.
`SSSSSSSSSSSSs;%%,%%%%%%%%%%%SSSS' ..,,%;sSSS;%;SSSSSSSSs.
"""""" %%;SSSSSS;;%..,,sSSS;%SSSSS;%;%%%;%%%%;SSSSSS;SSS.
`S;%;%%%%%%%%%%%' `%%%%;SSS;SSSSSS%.
,S;%%%%%%%%%%;' `%%%%%;S `SSSSs%,.
,%%%%%%%%%%;%;' `%;%%%; `SSSs;%%,.
,%%%%%%;;;%;;%;' .%%;%%% `SSSSs;%%.
,%%%%%' .%;%;%;' ,%%;%%%' `SSSS;%%
,%%%%' .%%%%' ,%%%%%' `SSs%%'
,%%%%' .%%%' ,%%%%' ,%%%'
,%%%%' .%%% ,%%%%' ,%%%'
,%%%%' .%%%' ,%%%%' ,%%%'
,%%%%' %%%% ,%%%' ,%%%%
%%%%' .::::: ,%%%' %%%%'
.::::: :::::' ,%%%' ,%%%%
:::::' ,%%%%' %%%%%
%%%%%' %%%%%
.:::::: .::::::
::::::' ::::::::
he was concerned about what people would think of me, although he also knew i wouldn't care what people thought
still very nice of him to be concerned about my reputation

i saw a play tonight
it was about Victorians
goddamn i love Victorians
i wish i were Victorian
life would be more pleasent