Archaeology for the Masses

Friday, October 28, 2005

I am so fucking ticked off...

Fuck you you bastards at UPS get your goddamn heads out of your asses and do your goddam jobs!
Fucking lying bastards.
I have been sitting in my room watching my door for the past 3 hours. I have been confined to my house for the past 6 or 7 because I was waiting for you fuckers to deliver an important package.
I only knew to wait because my mother called the 1-800 number. It's not as though you stuck a note to my door when you missed me yesterday, no, that would be what you're supposed to do!
Then at fucking 7pm (the last minute you had to not fuck-up) I called and now I have to go pick it up at the shipping place (not for the first time). I checked on-line and it said that you had been here at 6:30. Lying bastards.

I am more than an hour late for my party

I'm cooking, do you love me now Daddy?

1. There are no gummi worms on this whole godforesaken island. Well, almost none but 3 stores of disappointment.
2. I can make Tzatiki sauce!
3. I can't leave because I'm waiting on the UPS idiot
4. No one can get off their ass and bring me some freakin pudding. I CAN'T LEAVE! Even though the lazy bastards claim to be free. Goddammit! It's 20 freakin minutes and there's a gummi bear reward. Fuckers.
5. Human stew time!