Archaeology for the Masses

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

something you must do!

you must get to adams playhouse and go into the door marked "stage door" on the WRHU side
on the wall perpendicular to the call board is a publication called "The Department Times"
This time around (I am told that it occurs fairly regularly) it is a lovely send-up on my chron review of "The Bald Soprano" and "The Lesson" (so you'll need some familiarity with that)

But go do this! It is worth the 5 minutes.

Also my audition went well. When I don't get the part it will be my age and not my acting, because I did the best I could and they asked me to stay and read with a second guy. (so i must not have sucked)

more i cannot wish you

The best thing I can ever hope for is to do my very best.
I did my very best at this audition. I was funny.
When I don't get it, it will be because I'm too young.
Still it may all have been worth it just to scare that middle-aged actress.