Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, October 24, 2005

an anecdote to highlight how stressed i am

I had a bananna moment remenicent of the orlando pear incident
that is,
when i was in orlando driving home and was driven to hystarical laughter then tears then laughter again upon the realization that i had a ripe pear to eat at home
i was getting close to the hysterical laughter over the thought of eating this fresh bananna
luckily i recognized the symptoms and curbed the laughter
it was also a much shorter trip from thought to stomach than before when i had to actually drive home



four meetings on wednesday
moah ha ha ha ha

well, 5 if you count class
6 if you count the lecture I am attending appart from the meeting i will have with the lecturing professor, which i should because they are completely unrelated
7 if you count that whole damn mandatory writing lab thing

seven meetings on Wednesday
moah ha ha ha ha

i should be studying...

studying starts after Dr. Phil

why do i keep making things harder for myself?
wednesday is going to suckkkkkkkk
and until and hour ago, it was just another normal day

december 22 can't come soon enough