Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, October 22, 2005

everyday i love my 13 year old cousin more and more

Taylor: marbo?

Auto response from thatbrunettegirl: "Morbo is pleased but sticky."

: marbo?
Taylor: marbo???
Taylor: marbo???
thatbrunettegirl: morbo
thatbrunettegirl: futurama character
thatbrunettegirl: morbo
Taylor: okay...
Taylor: okay!
Taylor: i saw it
thatbrunettegirl: ha
Taylor: funny..
Taylor: granpa made like 40 bucks at the garage sale and i made 75 cents and i felt generous so i decided i wouk
Taylor: wloud give him a quarter
thatbrunettegirl: ha
thatbrunettegirl: that was kind of you
Taylor: sure....
Taylor: thats me kind,Kind,KIND

this kid is 13! is she not the greatest!?!