Archaeology for the Masses

Friday, October 21, 2005


registration next week
the good news is that my minor is done and perfect
the bad news is that i am so not where i should be vis-a-vis the honors college
i need 9 honors credits in one semester and summer
i think i got this figured out
but i still need to get my internship figured out
next semester is going to be interesting

turns out all the hostles are booked for december
i can't wait to just get away from everything and spend some serious time with kirstin
it is going to be a blast, but also really theraputic

the end of novemeber will also be good
it will be nice to hang out with my parents

5 beers away from the free shirt

at least I'm not twenty-three

In the shadow of my 22nd birthday, I suddenlt understand Jessica Simpson better.

"No, 23 is old. It's almost 25, which is, like, almost mid twenties."

more evidence that Fonzie is not cool

old facts

1. Fonzie is in his mid-twenties and lives in the Cunningham's garage
2. Fonize is in his mid-twenties and hangs out with highschooler boys
3. Fonize hangs out in a boys bathroom with highschoolers

new fact

4. Fonzie didn't graduate on time, he went to night school and graduated with Richie, et al. several years late

someone explain what is so cool about Fonzie. He's barely literate and a major loser.
Think about your friends that aren't in school, living in someone's garage/basement/attic and hanging out in highschool places with highschoolers.

I think Fonzie is actually a gay pedophile townie loser.
He is even less cool in that he has a no-drugs stance. Normally a position I am a fan of, if my life were like Fonzie's I'd a least have a bong stashed in my appartment.
At least.