Archaeology for the Masses

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

decisions, decisions

I go back and forth between wishing the world would end a la the Twilight Zone where the atomic bomb kills everyone but the guy with the bad eyesight
I should just finish myself off while the world goes on

no, the world needs to go
because even my suicide won't get SGA to give us a break

either way I don't have to deal with classes

maybe when the street is done i will feel better
unlikely though

I love my foot tattooo and other statements of vanity and self praise

I am a really fun girl
For my 22nd birthday my amazing (or asian, since they're interchangable now)boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Hershey Park for their Halloween festivities
we rode coasters all day
seriously though
I am fun
I don't really worry about my appearance that much but I also don't neglect it
I am very good at sitting back and going with the flow
and i'm also extremly immature, but in a theme park way, not real serious

I like being a fun girl
I hope I create a laid back atmosphere for those around me
that would be really great

I need more foot tattoo but I also need to give blood again for about a year
maybe after I graduate
I also don't want to overdo it
I like my tattoo now and I don't want to ruin that