Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, October 17, 2005

why mike can't call the other girl "Elise"

"Unexpectedly-although it was later to become a familiar note, a recognizable attribute of what was to mean "Theodora" in Eleanor's mind."

damn freshmen

showing off their ignorance by spouting rhetoric, completely unable to see their own hippocracy, confusing hate with love, trying to tell me (5 calender years and 20 emotional years older) that I need to rethink my beliefs. Especially when I know their side because I was there in high school before I really began thinking for myself. Even though they have never been where I am and have no understanding of what I believe.

don't tell me what my god says
just because your god is a hate monger who violently punishes natural thoughts, doesn't mean mine is
i'm sorry you can't get that my god loves all his children equally, no matter what they feel