Archaeology for the Masses

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I'm tired of not being allowed to express the truth. The truth as I witness it anyway. Isn't that what my blog is for? My view of the truth. No. I have to censor it because people who are to scared of what strangers might think about them, or what their friends (who know way worse things) might think. Fuck what people think. If someone is bored enough to be reading my blog even though they don't know me, they are not going to take the extra step to track down people who are only ever mentioned by first me. If they do, they are the ones with the problems.

I will try not to write about people's stupid mistakes as gossip. I will right about how certain actions affect me because (for a self-centered as it sounds) this is my space. I'm tired of censoring, I'm tired of removing links and adding links and removing them again. I'm done. I will entertain kind and reasonable requests, but I am the Ztar here.