Archaeology for the Masses

Friday, October 14, 2005

just another reason why Hofstra sucks

Picture if you will...
A young college student with horrible chronic insomnia who has stayed up all night, at first out of physical inability and later due to the dangerous return of a hilariously drunk roommate (PS you are all in trouble CENSORED BY ERIC, ALL HAIL ERICDespite the rain and the traffic she has chosen to whistle a happy tune on the way to her morning omlette. As she rounds the corner of the SC she is horrified to find the entire pep band, as well as the cheerleaders, the (urgh) dance team, and a bunch of people wearing sashing announcing them as make-believe royalty (and yet when theatre kids do it it's weird?). The band starts to play that song from the car commercial (you know, the GI Joe in the RC car) only they stop halfway and start again so dancing can happen. The omlette cannot cook fast enough and the poor student runs out into the pounding rain screaming

The goddamn pep band is the last thing you want to deal with at 8:30am after a sleepless night. I mean, the bloody PEP BAND! Bananna Bread! Yeah, freaking pep band. Dear god. 8:30am pep band. Arghhhhhhh!

sleep is iminent for the sun has risen and I am first and foremost a good vampire (or a bad vampire as the case may be)