Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, October 06, 2005

things i learned today

1. contractors on Long Island can move your car wherever the hell they want and not tell you about it
2. I eat when I have too much free time
3. Yoga hurts but I will go back
4. Honors College is majorly lame (Come see 2 German Expressionist Films, they say. Nosferatu and Dr. Calagari, LAME. any self respecting HUHC brat should have watched these with their elitist parents a long time ago. Show me something I can't quote Dean Russell ("quote" because they are silent))
5. ROTC kids in the SC believe that I will be their girlfriend simply by asking me
6. God shows his love for me through strategic placement of certain brands of apple juice.
7. The whole Shakraas concept makes me giggle
8. Yoga is a good place to make new friends