Archaeology for the Masses

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

good pita/needed sauce

i could totally see myself becoming a raw foodist
i like fruit and nuts and such
but then again i also like bread and chocolate

i wonder what Dr. House would think

damn you fox sports! no House tonight!

sci fi rocks

I like how in Sci Fi when you are speaking about a character's death, you have to qualify it with "really dead" or "not coming back" when they really die because so many people come back
dead dead like Doyle on Angel or Dr. Fraiser on SG1 or like Tasha Yar
not dead like Buffy (either time) or Angel or Darla or Daniel Jackson or well... Tasha Yar

Sci Fi is awsome like that

jew holidays

i am amazed sometimes at my own emotions
on my first day off i am very very stressed
i think it's because i've been shaking stuff off for so long
everything i let slide is now coming back to annoy

ah well
i'll do my best to shake this off too

apparently i'm inept at everthing, even things i have done a zillion times
who knew?

I love a man in scarlet and grey

I can't help it
It's visceral
but oh
how I love a man in scarlet and grey....

your weakness however can be summer up in a song originally performed by Greg Brady(Barry Williams) on the "Meet the Brady Bunch" album called "Cheyenne" which unfortunatly I cannot find the lyrics to right now but is a really good song about love of a hippy flower child girl