Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, October 01, 2005

tonight's happy days commentary

1. there is never a scene with Arnold that is not horribly offensive by todays standards. not one. usually they are offensive in several ways. if you want to be made really uncomfortable i refer you to potsie's wedding song for arnold. wow.

2. fonzie is over 18 and lives in the cunningham's garage. he hangs out with highschool boys (porkpie says it's to get highschool girls, but he only ever really hangs out with the guys) he also lurks around the mens restrooms. Fonzie is not only not cool at all, but he's kinda a perv who i'm pretty sure has a crush on richie.

why do people keep saying that?

2 separate people called us cute today
that Tristin chick mike interviewed and then later drunken eric
sober eric called us cute a few weeks ago
it reminds me so much of christian
christian and i were incredibly cute

don't read too much into that
just stating a fact