Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, September 17, 2005


faux british accent mage makes me miss detroit accent mage.
it's that annoying

Good song

"Headin up that highway, leaving you behind
Hardest thing I ever had to do
Broke My heart in two but baby pay no mind
The price for finding me was losing you."

Producerr of Cry_Wolf may be living on a prayer

Now I don't want my title to be misunderstood because I actually found Cry_Wolf to be an enjoyable part of one wild night. Without love, unintentional humor and Gary Cole this film would have been bad medicine but instead i'll have to say it isn't so. Although the film did not induce me to run wild in the streets it also did not give love a bad name and by "love" I mean horror movies. A certain red-headed cohort (there, I mentioned you) wanted the female cast in their school girl uniforms dead or alive (because he's a sick necrophile who feels that if girls aren't born to be my baby then they have died to) I instead see scantally clad highschoolers as a social disease. Don't agree with me? Screw you, it's my life!