Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, September 15, 2005

my day as of 10:16am

I should just be getting up now
instead i ...

got up at 6:50 to wait for Spam-a-Lot tickets
got to the SC in plenty of time
saw a poster that said tickets went on sale two days ago, indicating that my intel was wrong
I waited with brian anyway hoping to get a left over
I went up to student activities and saw a line
the poster was a misprint and the tix were on-sale today!
it was 9:00am and I was way back in line
I got a ticket!
they wouldn't let me get one for porkpie
i was able to put him first on the waiting list
unless someone drops out he won't be able to come
someone usually drops out
i don't have class until 11:10

for a further indicater of the crazy ticket inspired roller coaster i was on today (if you don't understand color-coding) I refer you to the three CRAZY phone messages I left mike this morning. (as opposed to the two kinda tipsey messages I left him two nights ago)

I still need to leave him one more message so he'll remember to get me my magazine

It's a very lonely night

I am walking out on limbs and prepairing to be rejected.
I feel completely issolated from people who get it and even more issolated from people who can help me get where I want to be.
Reality is hard and it's scary when you're so used to being so smart to realize that you have no idea how this is done.
We Meyers's aren't lucky. We rarely get breaks.
And a break is what I'm looking for.
I'm completely out of control and I need someone to take pity on me and give me a chance.
Because now a chance is all that's standing in my way.