Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, September 12, 2005


i'm working on a much better glinda sim so i am looking for pics to work from and i can't help but notice that a lot of companies are willing to cast fat girls as glinda
a lot, a lot


I'm gonna eat that watermelon and bread and goat cheese now
and I don't normally get excited about food but damn
I'm about to relive the florida
laughing-->histarical laughing-->crying-->laughing again
because I have a ripe pair waiting for me at home, incident

to reiterate, there are many things wrong with me

this is how people get fat

my kitchen is full of food
there is so much food less than ten yards from where I lay
and yet I am full because I gorged on SC nachos
if I eat more I will be sick
there is no room in my stomach
and yet I want to get up and eat my french bread, watermelon and goat cheese
maybe some outlet cookies
or chex mix

there are many things not right about me

PS I may be beginning my career as a theatre critic, well a published on anyway.

PPS I've watched a lot of surgery on TV but watching the trannie get the bone cut out of his chin via the mouth was by far the sickest. Way worse than the rhinoplasty or any lipo I've ever watched. It's the teeth that do it.