Archaeology for the Masses

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm like FDR

only instead of a wheelchair, I have a bed. but i'm still runing things
maybe i'm like eleonor, only not leaving my bed
maybe i'm more like some other famous powerful invalid today
only i'm not sure which

platypus day

God's joking with me today
unfortunatly I don't yet get it
I'm sure it's very funny though
if you're God

tvland will be the death of me

I really would like to go where everybody knows my name

Tony Shalob always ruled. I wish he'd do something with an uber thick accent again.

If Fonzie is so cool, how come he lives in the Cunningham's attic? There are orphan kids living in the attic on 7th Heaven all the time. They aren't cool. Also, I'm not going to let some 2o something live under the same roof as my 14 year old daughter. For shame Mr. and Mrs. C!

Texas still sucks

Texas=Still a bitch that only won by a field goal
OSU=Down but now out

we kept mathew mcconahey (or however it's spelled) out of the varsity club
he's not welcome in columbus unless it's comfest
and then he's the mayor
he couldn't do any worse