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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

im2fat2bninja: i may not be fat and funny, but I'm not a retard

The house of E

Eric and I now live at 51 Thurman Ave. Hicksville, NY 11801

you can send housewarming presents to that address starting September 1st

We would like

1. A Blender
2. A Big TV
3. A Big Letter E off some old sign
4. An Apple Classic for fish tank conversion
5. Strippers of both sexes preferably dressed as nurses or firepeople or police people (Eric says Trannies are OK!)
6. Spice Rack
7. Wine Rack(full)
8. Beer Fridge (full)
9. Mini bar (full)
10. George Forman Grill

you should all really get together and talk about what you are going to get us so you don't accidentally get us two of the same thing, that would make us cry and then get stabby