Archaeology for the Masses

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

there are so few of us left who were young together

or ... I outdrank milo, again
or... I don't know where to drink in columbus
or... god I love this city
or... I really must be fine. I have to have been, I drove home after all
or... last week my grandfather was in the hospital and 2 houses near me got hit by lightning and I needed this
or... best two days in a long time
or... this is why I drink

the past two days have been great
auld lang singe
good stuff
and there are actually far too many of us who were young together
even if we're getting old and bald and fat and marriedand praised for being in an almost 3 year relationship
but still dunking eachother and chicken fighting in a pool

I like being young
and I like knowing that the people who knew me way back when are still interested in hanging with me
thank you Jerah and Max and Milo and everyone for that

only one thing has been missing and he knows who he is
I wish this was a part of me you could really understand
but I'm not sure you could
this is why I love Columbus
this is why this is my home
from the arts fest
to com fest
to metropolis at the ohio with the organ
to the whetstone fireworks with everyone who mattered

dammit but i've had a good life so far

now i leave you with Zoe's comment from last evening to the effect of ....
dating someone from clintonville. columbus even is like dating within the family
...we're all brothers and sisters dammit
and we all have our issues with eachother
but dear god it feels good to see the family all together for a change

and it feels good to be young

and I have a life so full it makes me want to cry sometimes
and it's all because of all of you
ALL of you

people really don't worry about me often because... well I don't know why but I'm not the one to worry about
but Anna told me that she was glad i didn't disappear into new york forever and that was sweet of her because I never really knew her, but I knew her husband very well and we were all kinda part of eachother
well, I don't intend to disappear, although orlando threatened to suck me in,
but I am glad that you've all taken care of eachother so well
so I don't worry
I can leave when I do for so long is because I know you're all okay
and you really are
because you are so strong when you stand together

have I said to much? there's nothing more I can think of to say to you. but all you have to do is look at me to know that every word is true

after the sky

PS if anyone wants to blow anything up I still have a hell of a lot of fireworks to explode this weekend