Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Alive is a relative term

Kiri and I went to the Rock and Roll hall of fame yesterday for the hell of it. We took my car because hers had no air conditioning. I came home to find that my house no longer has working air conditioning.

Got a postcard from the library today. Seems they no longer have a copy of a film I reserved. Interesting since normally you can't reserve things they don't have copies of. I was waiting for Psycho 4. I very recently discovered the Psycho 2 which I know for a fact they owned several years ago is also gone....hmmm.

Sitting in Cup O' Joe drinking a smoothie. Yay fruit! I'm afraid many of my mornings will be ending here since they have the best wifi of all the places I've been recently. I might go check out Easton but they won't have power outlets and I can only run so long on battery (hi def screen and all)

I am super excited about this gallery internship. All the people are really great and really want to teach me. It's nice to be an artist again. I miss it when I let it slide. It's also really nice to be home. I feel so alive and in control here. Like there's nothing I can't do or handle when I'm in columbus. If you need something, I got it covered. I know who to call and where to get it and how to make it happen. I have this city wired.

I saw "hitchhiker's guide" a couple of days ago. Loved it. Remeber, I didn't really care for the book at all, but i thought the movie was very delicately handled, and really funny. Maybe brits are just funny in general. Or else I fried my brain on Red Dwarf last weekend. Still best movie made from a book that bored me to tears.