Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, May 30, 2005

what is there to say?

other than yay panera for the free wireless
boo panera for being generally evil to Zoe
sadly no one has e-mailed me since the last time i checked from my grabdparents several days ago (not an invitation for everyone to e-mail me junk)
it's been nice having very little business to conduct

Just saw laura herbert
and kari's amber works here
and maxine mendelson has a medical coding book on reserve at whetstone
marchinkova, mendelson, meyers, morrison
makes spying easy sometimes

my mom totally did recon into her old boss
she's selling her house and another old boss of my mother's is the realtor so she got all the info

brian -my father still maintains that the first batch of pancakes must be thrown out