Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, May 28, 2005

my kingdom for working home internet

I am really given only two options
1. Use the extremly slow library computers for no more than an hour
2. Use my grandfather's even more slow computer for as long as I want and troubleshoot as I go
Secret third option is get myself and my notebook to Pianera and avail myself of their free wireless, but that requires even more thought and energy than the first two. Plus this is the first day in two weeks I've been awake during their opperating hours.

"Not much to say, foolish to try"
1. Be nice to Mike, poor Gummy had four teeth ripped out of his scull and my mole tells me at least one was a bitch because it was surrounded my nerves. The phrase "extreme blood loss" also came up...
2. Eric, quit harassing the Lohans, they'll be plenty of time for that this fall.
Also, find out where Billy Joel lives. That could be a good time as well.
3. I really hope the planets align in a way that would facilitate Kirstin and I going to Europe for two weeks. Even the slightest possibility of that makes me way to excited. I've started thinking in French again.
4. I hate this computer. I hate e-machines, and what kind of idiot (Epson) connects a printer with a USB???

"That's all there is, there isn't anymore"
(part of the whole Froggie thing I got going)

PS my cousin's been using AIM express from here. It's like 56% her fault this computer is so screwed up (what kind of 11 year old needs weather bug?) I know she's been using aim express because she was saved as the user. Kid's gotta learn about public settings. I just deleated half of her programs from this poor little PC. If she hasn't played Carmen Sandiego since my senior year of HS, then she doesn't need it saved.