Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, May 21, 2005

having safely returned to the land of milk and honey...

I am once again in good old capital city OH and couldn't be more pleased
Unfortunatly my parents broke their computer and some software for Sylvia is missing so there is no internet at home
I wouldn't be surfing anyway because (due to divine intervention) I now have a nice new notebook which runs The Sims 2!!!!
Her name is Mitzy. She will be returning to NY with me and Sylvia will remain with my parents.

Yay dedicated video card!!!!
Yay discontinued notebooks being marked down drastically!
Yay my mother somehow imploding their old computer!

PS Flogging Molly playing free at OSU tonight! (Call me if you want more info) I need a student ID to get in. Luckily I have one left over from HS and they never change their style. Shamefully I missed Adrienne's party last night because I was exhausted. I will most likely miss Rocky tonight for similar reasons. Still I will need stuff to do around work and internship and crafting and sims 2 and carving. So people should call me on my cell or at my parent's house if they want to play.