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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

bored and sick makes hurt and quizes

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in the entertainment vein

I had intended to put up that really creepy (snort snort) thin pic of Lindsey Lohan, but then I got some really good news (better than that whole out of state wine buying deal for NY)

"Good news for fans of top-notch dysfunctional-family comedy: The Bluths are coming back. Fox announced on Monday that it has renewed the low-rated but critically beloved "Arrested Development" for a third season. This calls for a celebration -- frozen bananas for everyone!"

personally i think it should be corn balls for every one, but their way is fine too. and involves less hand scorching

the only french i even knew were extremely kind to me

although i rather like all the french i knew, this was just too funny

Typically, the French refuse to accept what arrogant, overbearing monsters they are.

But now after the publication of a survey of their neighbours’ opinions of them at least they no longer have any excuse for not knowing how unpopular they are.

Why the French are the worst company on the planet, a wry take on France by two of its citizens, dredges up all the usual evidence against them. They are crazy drivers, strangers to customer service, obsessed by sex and food and devoid of a sense of humour.

But it doesn’t stop there, boasting a breakdown, nation by nation, of what in the French irritates them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Britons described them as “chauvinists, stubborn, nannied and humourless”. However, the French may be more shocked by the views of other nations.

For the Germans, the French are “pretentious, offhand and frivolous”. The Dutch describe them as “agitated, talkative and shallow.” The Spanish see them as “cold, distant, vain and impolite” and the Portuguese as “preaching”. In Italy they comes across as “snobs, arrogant, flesh-loving, righteous and self-obsessed” and the Greeks find them “not very with it, egocentric bons vivants”.

Interestingly, the Swedes consider them “disobedient, immoral, disorganised, neo-colonialist and dirty”.

But the knockout punch to French pride came in the way the poll was conducted. People were not asked what they hated in the French, just what they thought of them.

“Interviewees were simply asked an open question - what five adjectives sum up the French,” said Olivier Clodong, one of the study’s two authors and a professor of social and political communication at the Ecole Superieur de Commerce, in Paris. “The answers were overwhelmingly negative.”

good stuff, dad, thanks