Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, May 14, 2005

maybe i should write an entertainment blog

In recent Rob Zombie news....House of 1000 corpses sucks the second time around as well; when it's on HBO at 3:00am and you're watching it for free. At least the second half does. Take out all the stupid MTV cuts and the beginning is actually a pretty disturbing little horror flick, with premise and all. It's when Alice falls through the Rabbit hole and the weird zombie mental patients start to just fuck with her. That's the suck fest.
One day when I'm really bored....really really really, I'll get Hells Rejects. But not anytime soon.

An tonights winning horror movies were (is it october or something?)
5. TIE-- Dracula 2000 TNT at Midnight AND Bats TNT at 2am
4. Friday the Thirteenth Part IV: Jason Lives
3.Friday the Thirteenth---A New Beginning AMC at 1:30am
2. Friday the Thirteenth AMC at Midnight

And tonight's #1 horror movie
The People Under the Stairs HBO at 2am
sadly it was already half through before we realized it so instead we watched Escape from LA

Honorable Mention: Flatliners midnight on FLIX (for you premium viewers out there)

These fine films beat out the likes of Rats and Bats and Stephen King's Cat's Eye (admitedly I've never seen it, but come on) and house of 1000 corpses and Halloween H20 to become tonight's top 5, so congrats to them.