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Friday, May 13, 2005

i still believe it was all just a holodeck program

Wow.....that was just.....
Oh my fucking god what the fuck was that!?!
1. Pegasus was a 7th season episode, why didn't Data understand "Raincheck?"
2. Riker got fat
3. The second to last episode was a much better ending
4. Archer is kinda a masogonist, kicking it back old school with the "no man" deal
5. Deanna just gets more annoying with age
6. No where near as awsome as Trials and Tribble-ations which is THE one cast in another cast episode to end all episodes. It wasn't even as good as the Barclay eps of VOY (and I love Reg)

Poor Enterprise, didn't get it's 7 seasons. The sad part is, if either it were not a ST show or else the same characters were put in the right ship with the right clothes (seriously when did star fleet switch to mini-skirts from unisex jumpsuits? Eric: is it the Vulcans that introduce sexyness into the wardrobe (note T'Pal in the valore track suits)), the right ship, the right situations it would have been good.

7. The dog is still my favorite part

it was all a holodeck simulation!

suddenly Enterprise is much less annoying

best excerpts from the TV guide interview

TV Guide: Did you two ever think you'd be back in Starfleet uniforms?
Marina Sirtis: Certainly not after the box-office response to Star Trek: Nemesis! I'm glad I still fit in mine, but I don't know why they gave me that. [She points to an extremely padded bra hanging with her costume]. Padding I certainly don't need. But I do need some help in the anti-gravity department! [Laughs] Did you know that Jonathan is in better shape [now] than he was in Nemesis? They had to take in his costume!

Jonathan Frakes: Only in my ass. Like, what's with that? I'm turning into Brent Spiner [Data]. Have you ever seen Brent's ass? He ain't got one!

Sirtis: It's true! During Next Gen the cast used to have a contest: the search for Brent's ass! [They laugh hysterically. Marina lights a cigarette.]

Frakes: You're smoking. Good. [Frakes lights up, too.]

im2fat2bninja: he ain't got one
im2fat2bninja: about data's ass
im2fat2bninja: wow

TVG: Are you surprised Troi and Riker come aboard Enterprise without the use of time travel?

Frakes: Yeah. I just hope the audience understands what's going on — that this is picking up on one of our Next Gen episodes.

Sirtis: Oh, the viewers are verrrry smart. Wait a minute... this is connected to one of our episodes? Really? Which one?

Frakes: "The Pegasus." It was like first, second, third season...

TVG: Uh, actually it was the seventh season.

Sirtis: I can't remember any of it, and I'm blaming it on my hormones.

Frakes: Terry O'Quinn from Lost was in it; he was my boss. It was a really good episode.

Sirtis: Oh, I remember now. Yes, Terry O'Quinn! A lot of cool people were on Next Gen. Remember when Kirsten Dunst played my sister? And Teri Hatcher was on our show.

Frakes: So was Ashley Judd, but now she won't admit it. [They crack up.]

Sirtis: What's weird about this Enterprise episode is that Troi and Riker got married in Nemesis but now we have to go back to before they were even dating. It's set around the time when they were fighting the relationship, rather than giving in to it.

Frakes: It is strange. As I read the script, I kept having to remind myself that Nemesis hadn't happened yet. When this takes place, you were going out with Worf at the time.

Sirtis: Oh, god, that's right! [She's so thrown by this that she drops her cigarette in her lap and quickly jumps up to keep from being burned.] Oh, please don't tell Michael Dorn that I nearly set fire to myself at the mere memory of dating Worf! Looking back, that Troi-Worf romance was a horrible story. They only did it because Dorny was going around the Trek conventions saying, "I think Troi and Worf should have a relationship." How awful!

im2fat2bninja: dorny?
thatbrunettegirl: yeah
thatbrunettegirl: dorny
im2fat2bninja: awful
im2fat2bninja: god, they both should be shot

TVG: But will you ever play these characters again?

Sirtis: Oh, yes! Absolutely we will! [She gives Frakes a wink.]

Frakes: You mean you haven't heard?

Sirtis: Jonathan and I are planning our own sitcom.

Frakes: It's called "The Rikers in Space." We'll be kinda like Ozzie and Harriet.

Sirtis: Only we'll live with our wacky Uncle Data and our dog, Worf.

Frakes: It's gonna run for years!

thatbrunettegirl: ha ha ha yeah
thatbrunettegirl: and worf's their dog
im2fat2bninja: dorny, jesus
im2fat2bninja: more like the dog that they have but dislike

Author's note: The alledged moive Star Trek: Nemesis NEVER HAPPENED! If you click the link you will be taken to a lying website. They lie! Star Trek....whatnow? Yeah, Generations was awsome. First Contact I enjoyed. Insurrection kinda sucked but for the worst movie it could have been worse. It could have been Neme....Well let's all be happy that Insurrection was the last movie.

yay! art history conferance!

awsome AH conferance today. really interesting, really freaky Russian food.
I won a book. Elizabeth won one too. For the two best papers/presentations
My first Archaeology award ever!

PS list of 1000 top schools in the country, why is CAAS on the list but Fort Hayes isn't!?! We have higher test scores and more money spent on us! Also....Centennial? WTF?!? Newsweek is idiots.

she's got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, she calls friends

Chron Prom tonight,
nothing more fun then sitting on a balcony on the shore surrounded by men in suits with martini's smoking cigars
also I once again got to dress up all pretty myself
that was cool too
"funnest table at chron prom"
nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try...