Archaeology for the Masses

Monday, May 09, 2005

evening wrap up

1. Mixing Henna = Not for Amateurs like yours truly
2. Colored dots all over my hands and pants = not going away
3. My new ring = opens beer bottles!
4. Art History Conferance = surprisingly terrifying
5. Chron Prom + WRHU Banquet + Last day of classes + Art History Conferance = 3 day bender with major regret hang over
6. retyping this post after accidentally losing it = mother of suck
7. finally being finished with my Buffy Paper and turning it in = relieving
8. getting a raspy phone call from mike between shows=
9. only using $20 of my meal plan last week = thrifty
10. My baby cousing in his first play = freaking adorable (he's the one in the middle)

best may 8th ever

I managed to make it through the day without 1.hysterical crying or 2.extreme depression
well there's always next year

how long can your arm be numb before you should go to the hospital?
it was asleep all last night
right before bed i took off the slap bracelet i was wearing
didn't fix it
was asleep most of today
might have slept on it
is still asleep after doing absolutely nothing
maybe it's the way i hold it when i type,
or else i just have something horribly wrong with the nerves in my left arm
still, this can't be good