Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, May 07, 2005


you know when you've had a really good day
and then that good day turns mediocore
and then all of a sudden you're full of rage
for a million reasons
and none of them are new
which makes you even madder that people and things are raising old demons
demons you thought were exercized
but now have come back full force

and i'm mad too now
and i can't control it
and it's making me sick
not that i haven't felt sick almost all day in truth

I'd spend tomorrow hiding out
just to avoid being taken for granted
but then no one would notice
and that would hurt worst of all
no one ever notices when i'm mia

"tired of my self, tired of this town"

all i can think is how much better it will be when i'm away from here
gotta get home
and then i get scared
that maybe home won't be as good either
it'll be better
but not as much better as i hope

i feel so separated and lonely sometimes
like even when i'm with people i'm not actually there
they might be, but i'm not
and there's really only two people in the world that can ever reach me when i'm in that place
really reach me and make it better
because they're the only two that get it
three against the world
and i need that right now

don't expect a lot from me tomorrow
i know no one will notice
but i won't be reachable

tomorrow is mine
like today almost was
like today should have stayed