Archaeology for the Masses

Thursday, May 05, 2005


I wish I had a sombrarro
Actually I wish I had lots more alcohol, but it isn't the best idea to get completly wasted the night before meeting with the dean of students who's brining you up on alcohol possession because they stuck a kid in your room and didn't tell you
Legally I'm allowed to be drunk, but it doesn't look good to show up hungover

I get angry at tv sometimes

like when i want to watch an episode of something i haven't seen but a rerun i remember is on
like wings tonight
i remembered it in the first few minutes
as opposed to the murphy brown i didn't remember
that was good
i wish it were an hour
now a cheers i hopefully won't remember as well as the wings
yay old tv!

house of wax on friday with my roommate

thatbrunettegirl: i hope she's not a jumper
porkpie: always does
thatbrunettegirl: i hate jumpers
porkpie: jumper?
porkpie: off buildings?
porkpie: you've lost me
thatbrunettegirl: they jump
thatbrunettegirl: in movie
porkpie: oh...
porkpie: as a reaction to film
thatbrunettegirl: carrie's arm pops up and they jump in their seats
thatbrunettegirl: hate jumpers
porkpie: just to jump....movies just don't shock me anymore
thatbrunettegirl: never did shock me
thatbrunettegirl: only rarely do i ever jump because they are predicatable
thatbrunettegirl: but
thatbrunettegirl: i saw 6th sense and the girl 2 down from me jumped when the little girl reached out from under the bed
thatbrunettegirl: it was in the bloody preview!!!
thatbrunettegirl: also incredibly obvious as far as music and plot went
porkpie: well, jumpy people out there

Eric: ...molly...

Eric: did you know that 1692 was the year that the thought the X-Men would exist
thatbrunettegirl: 1992
Eric: no
Eric: 1692
thatbrunettegirl: you confuse me
Eric: listen...
Eric: if for some reason a claticlismic event happened right in 1692
Eric: then the X-Men would be forced to appear 100s of years before
Eric: take it this...for example
Eric: if Captain America had been sent back in time to that perios
Eric: it would cause a total rip in time
Eric: thus
Eric: the X-Men would appear
Eric: thus we have
Eric: a mutant population before 1960s
thatbrunettegirl: well done
thatbrunettegirl: psycho
Eric: no...not psycho
Eric: genius
Eric: check it out...I'm right
thatbrunettegirl: no doubt
Eric: if you don't believe me, ask professor Xavier
Eric: he'll tell you I am right
Eric: dude
Eric: I am so serious