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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

shout outs for all

I'd like to say hey to David from SA who left some kind words on my last post.
Glad you dig me dude.
It's like you looked through the magic of the internet and saw that I'm sitting here in my baha braiding every hair on my head.
Rock on dude.

mike: hippie
mike: :-P
thatbrunettegirl: ha
thatbrunettegirl: i'm not a hippie
thatbrunettegirl: hippies fear me
thatbrunettegirl: i just dress like one and eat like one
thatbrunettegirl: that's what makes them so scared
thatbrunettegirl: I blend in
mike: scared of you, huh?
mike: since they seem to want to talk to you all the time, i highly doubt they're scared

still more sleepy, too early for sleeping

thatbrunettegirl: 70s show is funny though
thatbrunettegirl: they played 2 episdes
porkpie: yeah
porkpie: watching
thatbrunettegirl: in the first one kelso and angie broke up
thatbrunettegirl: now they just got together
thatbrunettegirl: crazy
porkpie: eric moving away
porkpie: no show without eric
thatbrunettegirl: no
thatbrunettegirl: still show
thatbrunettegirl: at least one more year of show
thatbrunettegirl: contract issues
porkpie: he's kinda main character
thatbrunettegirl: topher thinks he's shelly long or mclain stevens or suzanne summers or denise crosby
thatbrunettegirl: they've been picked up for at least one season without him
thatbrunettegirl: jury's out on what the kutch will do
porkpie: nah...think he's just realized show has gone on for too long
porkpie: and i think kutch is gone also
porkpie: so it'll be the "hyde and fez show"
thatbrunettegirl: well unless he gets hit by a car or something
thatbrunettegirl: they aren't making moves to make him go away
porkpie: he would get hit by a car
thatbrunettegirl: or explode himself
porkpie: that too
porkpie: or he could finally become a cop
thatbrunettegirl: and explode himself?
porkpie: or move away
thatbrunettegirl: laura and i lost our phone
porkpie: how?
thatbrunettegirl: it wasn't on the base
thatbrunettegirl: so we paged it
porkpie: yeah?
thatbrunettegirl: and nothing happened
porkpie: weird
thatbrunettegirl: but it's okay, it's in the kitchen
porkpie: ok
porkpie: why was it in kitchen?
thatbrunettegirl: couldn't tell you
porkpie: wow...that is odd
porkpie: but kelso was in the room too
thatbrunettegirl: ewwww
thatbrunettegirl: he has no sisters
porkpie: you sure?
porkpie: thought you were pretty sure that hyde had no sister
thatbrunettegirl: all brothers
thatbrunettegirl: i had no idea
porkpie: but they proved that all wrong
thatbrunettegirl: i just want to know what happened to donna's sisters
porkpie: died
thatbrunettegirl: both?
porkpie: yes
porkpie: wisconsin is a cruel, unyielding place
thatbrunettegirl: apparently fez has a sister!
porkpie: yeah
porkpie: in that place where he's from
porkpie: weirdo hippy politics

sleepy today

I don't particularly care for AIM
I mean, it serves a purpose and I do love my dead aim,
but still
there is no emotion in AIM
no way for anyone to know what's up unless you tell them directly.
I don't like telling anyone anyting directly.
Makes me seem self centered and bossy.
Well, more than usual.