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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

so stupid

my appeal was denied and i am fined $100
"based on the seriousness that possessing this item may pose to yourself and other residents..."

it was a power strip

David Meyers

David Meyers is a very talented author, playwright and lyricist. His current and future works can be viewed by clicking here

Perfect shows for any community, childrens or professional theatre

Check him out

we're learning together

So it seems that a lot of people have wondered on to my little blog because of a little post about a certin Mr. Cruise and a Miss. Holmes. Those who seek it out on the internet tripped over me. In the interest of that, and to get another spike like last week....

Paris Hilton
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Lindsey Lohan
Chad Michael Murry
Johnny Depp Willy Wonka
House of Wax

yeah, that should do it
aussi bienvienue a ma blog mes amies francophone!
(any excuse to practice my ever fading france, even one little french hit)

thought i should do the wrap up

so lewis black was here tonight
i went because several weeks ago mike was like "wanna give me $15 and see lewis black?"
at the time i was fairly wealthy and had points left on my meal plan so it seemed like a good idea
it was

and since i often tire of repeating myself...

thatbrunettegirl: hey yeah
thatbrunettegirl: believe it or not
thatbrunettegirl: lewis black liked us
thatbrunettegirl: his jokes were pretty low brow though, maybe he's dumbed it down
im2fat2bninja: maybe
im2fat2bninja: they probably told him to calm down'
thatbrunettegirl: the opener sucked though
thatbrunettegirl: kept making jokes about how he's from long island and it's better than other places
thatbrunettegirl: specifically idaho
im2fat2bninja: ha
thatbrunettegirl: and all i could think was how much i'd rather be in idaho
thatbrunettegirl: lewis was good though
im2fat2bninja: thats good
thatbrunettegirl: he made long islanders are idiots jokes and the bastards ate it up
im2fat2bninja: awesome