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Monday, May 02, 2005

when i say i hate hofstra...

I am a firm believer that nothing is ever allowed to be easy for a Meyers. Both my parents have clawed and scraped and fought for everything we've ever had, and nothing's ever come easy. This is a fact that a lot of people are not aware of/do not accept because they've covered it well. We've all covered it well. Still, there were some very scary years there when I was little because we got screwed in favor of someone for whom things always go well.

This is recently proven by my suitemate misfortune. After several years of roommate pains I finally stumbled into a giant room which I had all to myself, until the fire sent 2 girls and a boyfriend plumeting dramatically into my life. Welcome back hassles of suitemate/roommate hood! (still, Laura is awsome!)
One might note that after Dorin moved out I also had a single of sorts, but this was to be drastically different then that. That was chinese water torture of the musical kind and no one who truely knows me would ever suggest that that situation was anything but hellish with regards to my sanity.

Once again something that should be easy has become difficult. The school seems to feel that I have failed the arbitrary english proficency which they force us to pass before we graduate. (CPS anyone?)

Myself I find it hard to believe that I failed this test because I got a 4/5 on the EP test back in high school and as a result tested out of english requirements of this horrible excuse for a university. I have also recieved no less than a B- on any essay or paper or essay test i have ever turned into any professor at this school. Not only that, I have recieved accolades for my writing from several professors. Upon returning this and the past two tests (90 on both) my Sociology complimented the class on how well their essays were writen (2 per test)

Just another pointless hassle in what has become a long string of pointless hassles which I call a life.

PS if anyone wants to get smart, I don't write this blog like I write essays. I do not want/need criticism of this particular post. Especially since I don't spell check these. I don't even reread them. Should anyone like to comment on my writing style i have a lovely recently writen 22 page paper which i could furnish them at any point.