Archaeology for the Masses

Sunday, May 01, 2005

it's may day

there should be polls and ribbon and lots of nude frolicing
that'll be may 6th


I'm not a big fan of excessive swearing. There is a time and place. Obviously I am not adverse to the idea, as anyone who had read me will tell you. Still I try not to swear to much, and never in front of Ohio children (New York children can go to hell, they have bigger problems than hearing me swear) My mother doesn't mind occasional swearing and I think she was the first one I ever heard say anything bad appart from tv and movies. My father is very anti-swearing. He thinks it makes people sound illiterate. Any trouble I was already in would be doubled if I started to swear. I never swear around him.

My mother told me she felt like "heck" the other day. I said "really, because i feel like hell!" I also have a propensity to say "fuck" a lot more when drunk. My sicko boyfriend seems really into it and it gets really fun to insert "fucking" into every sentance.

Again though, it is a time and place issue. It was probably best that I wasn't allowed to swear as a young child because those are the years that the automatic language shut-off switch was formed in my brain, but Middle School might have been slighly more pleasant for me if I could have sworn. At the time I just didn't have words strong enough to express my hatred. If you're tredding water in a lake of fire that burns but does not consume, you should at least be able to scream "Fuck You Lucifer!" between being hit with a stone by a demon and going under water again.


if you drink 40 different types of beer you get a free t shirt
you get a little card to denote the number of beers
the bar tender said my 4th beer was on her
both my stomach and my head hurt
little cards and beer promos are bad
bad like hand guns
they hurt people

in response to Zoe's aims of earlier
bet i don't know the guy but it is always a good idea to transfer away from hofstra, even if it might always be a bad idea to transfer into Kent
beware of STDs on that one
we have an abnormally high rate here
just because he escaped, doesn't mean that he escaped unscathed

"But my father he does not mind, how far I am behind. He loves me just because, I am his girl."

I've again noticed the number of out of state (meaning not new york or ohio) readers I've had recently. I'd like to rewelcome you all., even if most of you are (and i suspect you are) prisoners and priests, persons for whom this junk that I write is actually interesting. Hell, I think half the reason my friends read it is so they'll know if (and when) i begin planning their murders. But again, welcome I do appriciate you although you confuse the hell out of me. Perhaps, if i do the same for you, we are even.