Archaeology for the Masses

Saturday, April 30, 2005

just noticed...

so because i'm extra bored waiting for eric i thought i'd be all snoopy (not the dog) and check out my ex-roomies face book page
i also blocked her from mine because i realized i'd linked this to that
and that stupid beer and other liquid soaked jack-o-lantern is the reason i made my old lj friends only

i appologize to the stranger in my earlier post
she may be stupid, but she is most likely not a whore
and could not possibly be as stupid as the soulless one
that girl was a bitch

well, eric's here so i have to eat and easy my crazy food starved mind

ah ha ha ha


it's much later and i still haven't eaten
i was promised eating several hours ago
but everything and everyone (including some chick i don't even know who was wait to EAT before we left) has stood in my way
i'd be happy if i though i was losing some sort of weight, but really this is just fucking up my metabolism even worse than the recent binge drinking

i'm so hungry and i can't promise that when i meet this chick (if eric ever figures out where she lives) i won't smack her across the face and call her a stupid whore
eric doesn't like me to call her that
but really
i don't know anything about her other than her actions tonight
and her actions tonight lead me to believe she is a stupid whore
and i find i am not alone in this belief

ah ha ha ha heh he he he ha ha ha!

why the crazy laughter?
because i just wrote a paper that is 12 pages single spaced and 15 with bibliography
this particular paper should only have been about 8 pages or so
double spaced

all i've done for the past few days is sleep, write and be taken to the bar

now i'm hungry but it's raining far to much to seek out food
and since i am a hunter/gather (Naymark said archaeologists are gypsys and nomads)
i have to wait to find food because if i took mike's advice and "cooked" i would be making melted popcicle with rum and peanut butter
in fact
i don't even think i have peanut butter

but the crazy laughter just won't stop